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Whether residential or commercial interiors, the Clients needs and desires will be addressed and a plan put in place to achieve those goals, while staying within the budget specified.

Residential Decorating
Residential Decorating
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Commercial Decorating
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Kitchen & Bath


Ken Golen Design is a market-leading interior designer for Boca Raton that designs creative and inspirational residential, and retail projects throughout South Florida. Ken is an area recognized decorating expert in luxury and design.

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Ken Golen Design - Luxury Interior Designer Boca Raton Florida

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Interior Designer Boca Raton FL

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  • Interior Designer Boca Raton FL
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Why Choose Us

Interior Designer Boca Raton, Florida

Designing your home with modern décor prerequisites in mind significantly increases its financial value. The investment you make today pays for itself in coming years. However, monetary benefits are secondary, the primary advantage of designing your home’s interior is making your space your own!

You will enjoy a hint of your own personality and style in every nook of your place, bringing you joy and comfort whenever you’re home. The BEST PART of working with Golen Designs is the discounts! We eliminate the middlemen by using our in-house designers. So the discount given to 3rd party designers is directly offered to our clients – saving you big bucks without compromising quality.

Our team of contractors is all-rounder when it comes to residential interior designing. Besides sketching up a perfect home layout and bringing it to life, they can work with furniture, drapery, artwork, faux finish, plumbing supplies, lighting and painting etc.

Who We Are?

Although our customers are the biggest advocates of our work, here are a few things you should know to understand why Ken Golen is the best choice for your house interior design in Boca Raton:

  • We’re the top-rated interior design company in the South Florida region with years of experience and hundreds of successful projects under our belt
  • Our team gives personal attention to your needs and crafts the place exactly how you want it – there’s no communication gap when working with us
  • We don’t outsource a lot of our work, everything is managed and controlled by our in-house team for perfect results and cost efficiency
  • Hundreds of people have been raving about our services on the internet
  • There’s no hidden cost when working with us – you’ll get complete, transparent summary of the expenses

On the fence? Why not get in touch and hear us talking about how we can help you precisely the way you want? Give us a call now, we’re waiting!

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Clients Say

The work of a professional can make all the difference. Whether your home has 10 bedrooms, or your apartment is 800 square feet, it can be tricky to create a cohesive look that is representative of your style.

Kitchen Interior Design Boca

All of our kitchen interior design projects are testament to functionality and elegance. We can plan your place in the most efficient way with open space and strategic placement of lines.

From cabinets to counter, our designers will craft up a perfect kitchen that’ll meet your specific needs while ensuring it is modern and aesthetically pleasing.

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Residential Home Remodel
Hunters Point Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Interior Design Boca

The most complex task for any designer is to plan a bathroom setting. From plumbing to space’s structural design, everything needs to work in synchronization.

The team of resourceful and creative designers and engineers at Ken Golen Design will put their heads together to draft up a neat and practical bathroom space for you with style and luxury in mind.

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Living Room & Bedroom Boca

Both living room and bedroom are the places where you share the most intimate and quality time with your loved ones. We understand this and that’s why we will design each element of the spaces according to your preferences with a touch of our creativity.

When you’ll look back on the memories you made in these rooms, your face will light up with joy and a big smile.

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Valencia Bay Home Remodel

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