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Ken Golen is one of the top South Florida interior designers, working with clients in Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, and Boca Raton.

Our Aesthetic

Today for many, contemporary styles and modern twists are what we seek in our homes. Everybody wants clean, contemporary lines for their furniture and interior design- but this deceptively simple look can be quite difficult to master, especially by yourself. The elements that create a contemporary look include simple shapes, graphic elements, minimal pattern, and the general eradication of any fussy details.

Our Aesthetic

However, there is an important line between stylish and stark, which is a fine line to tread, and even an extremely modern scheme will require an injection of warmth and soul for it to feel liveable and like your own space. At Ken Golen Design, we specialize in Warm Contemporary interior design styles featuring softened and rounded lines as opposed to the stark lines seen in modern design, and we utilize neutral elements in bold color to bring attention to the basics of line, shape, and form. We see many clients here at Ken Golen who do not want the fussiness and old-fashioned feel of traditional interiors, and are seeking the clean lines and clear impact of a more contemporary feel, but are tired of the cold and mechanical look on the other side of the scale.

What Makes Ken Golen Design Different?

For more than two decades, our company has been creating impeccable and unique designs in homes and commercial spaces. Experience is one of the key qualities when you are looking for an interior designer, because it’s the only thing that will allow them to find their own style and establish a reputation that their clients can trust. With more than 20 years in the field, Ken has built a longstanding reputation designing for different types of interiors in Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, and Boca Raton. With so many years of experience, Ken has pretty much seen it all; he will have the most creative and optimal solutions to any problems that you run into with the space that you want to design.

Who We Are?

Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or eclectic, our goal is to give you a coherent style of comfort, elegance, and distinction, while using the finest quality materials, and experienced craftsman.

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Our Services

Whether residential or commercial interiors, the Clients needs and desires will be addressed and a plan put in place to achieve those goals, while staying within the budget specified.

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Residential Decorating
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Commercial Decorating
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Ken Golen Design is a market-leading interior designer in Weston that designs creative and inspirational residential, and retail projects throughout South Florida. Ken is an area recognized decorating expert in luxury and design.

A Full Service Interior Design Firm At Your Fingertips

Ken Golen Design is your one-stop shop for interior design, offering a full range of the highest quality products and work. The services that we provide to clients include:

  • Design services
  • Designer discounts direct to my clients
  • Furniture, artwork, drapery, lighting, plumbing supplies, faux finish, painting

In his more than twenty years working in interior design, Ken has been able to establish relationships with some of the best tradespeople in the business. He has been able to assemble a fantastic team of contractors and suppliers who guarantee top-tier work to his clients. However, if a client would like to fuse the services of a particular company, then we are also glad to work with them as well.

Why You Should Consider An Accomplished Interior Designer

As a professional interior designer, Ken Golen has only one goal in mind- creating for you the home that will make you happy every time that you see it, and help you maintain the lifestyle that you desire. We will take into consideration your thoughts, preferences, tastes, and details about your life- such as if you have children, pets, or specific hobbies- and incorporate them into the design of your home. Because our profession is to create spaces, we have a thorough knowledge of different resources for finding decorative items and supplies at special prices, meaning that your project can be completed for a much lower budget than you can expect to accomplish on your own. Moreover, when you hire an interior designer, you are working with somebody who is dedicated to creating the home you want. This means that you will save the time that you would have otherwise spent trying to come up with designs, sourcing materials, and actually creating the space. When you work with us, you can go about your days doing the things that you need to do while we create an amazing space that you will love to live in!

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Why Choose Us

Ken Golen Design unique style and impeccable attention to every detail is what has made him successful. The personal service he provides his clientele sets him apart from other decorating firms.

Your environment is an extension of yourself. While keeping within your price range, visions come to life and are transformed into rich, elegant surroundings that are admired by all.

Ken Golen Design considers space planning, style, materials, furniture placement, lighting and color selection when creating the perfect atmosphere, mood and ambiance in your home or office.

Your environment is an extension of yourself

Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional, or eclectic, our goal is to give you a coherent style of comfort, elegance, and distinction, while using the finest quality materials, and experienced craftsman.

What Clients Say

The work of a professional can make all the difference. Whether your home has 10 bedrooms, or your apartment is 800 square feet, it can be tricky to create a cohesive look that is representative of your style.

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Ken Golen is one of the top South Florida interior designers, working with clients in Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, and Boca Raton. Call Ken Golen Design for your interior design needs today!

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