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Make Your Room Look Bigger With Interior Design Services

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It’s always refreshing to walk into a room decorated in an eye-catching, creative way. However, it would be nice if your house could have this effect all the time. When decorating your home with interior design services, there are some things that you should consider for different rooms to make them look bigger.

Living Room

If you want your living room to look larger and brighter, paint the walls bright white and use bright colors on the floor. Bright colors on both these surfaces will reflect light and make your ceiling look taller than it is. For a dramatic effect, install mirrors on one of the walls. You can also use big pieces of furniture to make your room look larger.


If you want to make your bedroom look larger, stick with light colors for the walls and use contrasting colors on the floor. Dark furniture could be a good idea if you have plenty of windows because it will make your windows look more prominent.

Avoid using rugs in front of your bed unless they are very small because this will compete with the space in your bedroom. Make sure to clean the windows regularly so that you can enjoy natural lighting in your room throughout the day.


If you want to make a kitchen look larger, try painting the walls light colors and using contrasting colors on the floor. Putting in tile floors will give off a contemporary feel. Use furniture that can be multifunctional for storage purposes, and if possible, install an island in the center of your kitchen.

Instead of putting cabinets on only one wall, consider lining all the walls with cabinets. Install the cabinets higher on the walls and use open shelving for your plates and knickknacks for a modern look.

Home Office

If you need to make your home office look bigger, use dark colors for the walls and choose white furniture. Avoid using heavy curtains or drapes because they will absorb light and reduce the amount of natural lighting that you get in your room. If possible, try facing your desk towards the window so that you can enjoy some sunlight throughout the day. Use glass doors on your cabinets instead of solid doors to make the room appear more spacious.


If you want the bathroom to look bigger, paint it a light color such as white. Hang mirrors in places where there aren’t windows so that the viewer’s eyes won’t automatically move away from these spots when they are in the room.

For example, use a mirror on the wall opposite where your shower is located. Use a small piece of furniture in place of a bulky vanity table and install a glass shower door to make your bathroom seem more spacious.
As you can see, when you want to make your room look bigger, it’s best to choose professional interior design services to choose the colors, furniture, and other decors.

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