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Incorporate Modern Textiles In Home Decoration

folder_openInterior Design Ideas
textiles In home decoration

One of the newest trends in interior decoration is textiles in home decoration, emphasizing contemporary furnishings.

Here are some tips for incorporating this look into your home or office

Add pops of color through accent pieces like pillows with contrasting colors in a neutral couch. Wall art featuring bright colors of fern leaves or more abstract

Valencia Bay Villa Remodelprints can also add a pop of interest to walls that are filled with muted hues.

Use patterns sparingly, if at all. A room filled with patterned everything can come off as chaotic and overwhelming so keep repeating patterns to a minimum if you want to use them at all.

Use contrasting colors as well as textures and patterns for your furniture.
For example, a pillow with a nubby texture and dark pattern splayed over a crisp white couch can create interest as well as contrast. The pillow will also stand out against the traditional lines of the couch. Home interior design now is all about mixing old with new, so feel free to mix and match furniture styles, shapes, textures, and colors.

Accessorize. Accents like flowers or house plants in pots that match your color scheme or textiles can add dimension to a room. Just avoid cluttering a room with too many design details by having only one statement piece per room. A large floor vase filled with colorful blooms or an art installation on your wall instead of smaller pieces can make a big statement in a room.

Repetition is key. Keep the same elements or colors through an entire room to create a flowy, cohesive look. For example, use the same base color for your walls and accent pieces like pillows. But don’t go overboard by using the exact same print on everything; mix things up with different combinations of patterns and colors.

Sunny Isles Condo RenovationDraw attention to focal points. A fireplace or a window on a wall could be the focal point in a living room. In an office, it can be the view of the cityscape or a collection on display. Keep the focus by using accessories and furnishings that enhance your highlight. A large mirror on an accent wall can make a window feel like it goes on for miles, while art pieces can draw the eye to displayed collections.

Use empty space wisely. A room filled with furniture, floor to ceiling is nice but not very practical. Keep in mind that you do have to walk around, so leave enough room for traffic flow and open the space up with mirrors on walls. Mirrors can also be used to create illusions of depth by placing them at angles facing each other.

Ken Golen Designs – Interior Designer

Ken Golen Designs can help you incorporate textiles in home decoration with custom-made pillow covers, other accent pieces, and more! Call us today at 954-388-7261 to book a house interior design appointment.


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