Commercial Decorating

If you’re looking over your business and thinking a redecorating is in order, look no further than Ken Golen Design. Located in Weston, Florida, we’ve been recognized as the decorating expert. We offer both residential and commercial decorating services, giving you the perfect look that is sure to catch the eyes of your friends and customers.

That Feeling When You Walk Through The Door…

Whether you notice it or not, when you walk through the door of a business for the first time, that initial impression goes a long way. If that hotel lobby is bright and eye-catching, or if that bank lobby is humble and neutral, your brain is paying attention to these and making mental notes nonetheless. Garnering attention for your business or company can hinge on it’s appearance, as you want your look to invite customers in, while maintaining a level of chic and class.

When decorating your home, you will mostly be thinking of comfort and your own artistic flair, such as art, sculpture, color, or all three. With commercial design however, you want to provide that welcoming air so customers want to approach, while also showcasing your business in a way that’s relatable to different audiences while utilizing functionality of the space. If a business delivers on making the customer feel comfortable, along with providing practicality and service, then the customers will undoubtedly return again and again to your business.

Commercial Decorating

A great decorator will be able to handle any project site, be it a hotel, bank, hospital, country club, spa, library, boutique and everything in between. Taking in the client’s vision and plans for the space and business will help you envision what can and should be in the space provided to you. It may entail a new building or perhaps a revamp of an outdated design. Even if the space is small, designers are working on quite an untaking.

The key to a great decorator is seeing the big picture for your business, and maximizing that potential in the entire decorating process. If you are working with a brand new space, a decorator will take it in and utilize every square foot to stretch your dollars and heighten your customer’s experience. If you are opening a spa, for instance, a decorator will build that space to include as many rooms as possible, giving you the bandwidth for more customers, on top of designing a lobby that’s welcoming and posh, making your customers feel like celebrities.

Decorators are also heavily involved throughout the renovation and building process, helping to elevate the look of the space in terms of the structural decisions, such as lighting, flooring, ceiling designs, architectural details, window placements and possible upgrades. Commercial decorators can even draw up blueprints, ensure the space is up to code, select the right building materials and oversee budgeting and scheduling on top of everything else.

And once the space is constructed and sound, the designing doesn’t stop there. An interior decorator will then choose the perfect motif and style to fit your business, bringing it to life. The right furniture, window coverings, lights, wall colors, fixtures, fabrics, paintings and artwork on the walls will all bring a uniqueness and essence to your business.

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The Bottom Line

You may think that interior decorating isn’t hard and you can handle it on your own. The truth is, a decorator has so much more on his or her plate than simply painting some walls and throwing a painting up here and there. Decorators are involved in your business from the very start to finish, conceptualizing the space to provide the most for your company, down to designing the finest detail of the whole structure. A lot more goes into decorating than you think, and leaving it to the professionals will help you focus on running your business once it’s up and operational.

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Are you in the process of getting your business off and running? Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of designing everything yourself? Ken Golen Design can transform your dreams and vision into a living, breathing masterpiece to help your business flourish. The commercial decorating expert in Weston, Florida, we will work with you to provide a stunning, elegant business that will serve your customers for years and years. Call us today!

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