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How to Decorate a Penthouse Condo by The Beach

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Decorate a Penthouse

Living in a penthouse condo by the beach is a dream come true for many people. With stunning ocean views, cool sea breezes, and plenty of natural light, a penthouse condo is the perfect canvas for creating a beautiful and luxurious living space.

In this blog, we will explore how to decorate a penthouse condo by the beach, taking into account the stunning location and unique features of this type of property.

Maximize the View

One of the key features of a penthouse condo by the beach is the stunning ocean view. To maximize this feature, it’s important to choose a decor style that complements the view and doesn’t distract from it.

A minimalist design style is a great option to decorate a penthouse by the beach. Choose furniture and decor that is simple and streamlined, without too much detail or ornamentation. This will help keep the focus on the stunning ocean view.

Incorporate Natural Elements

The beach is all about natural beauty, so it makes sense to incorporate natural elements into your decor. Use natural materials such as wood, stone, and wicker to create a warm and inviting space. You might consider a hardwood floor or a stone feature wall to add texture and interest to the room.

In addition, bring in some natural elements from the beach, such as shells, driftwood, or coral. These can be used as decorative accents around the room or incorporated into art pieces or furniture.

Create a Coastal Color Palette

When it comes to color, a coastal color palette is the perfect choice for a penthouse condo by the beach. Think sandy beige, pale blues and greens, and soft coral tones. These colors will create a calming and serene environment that complements the natural surroundings.

You might choose to paint the walls a pale blue or green, and use sandy beige for the furniture and decor. Accents of coral can be used in throw pillows, artwork, or even a statement piece of furniture.

Incorporate Luxury Touches

A penthouse condo by the beach is a luxurious space, so don’t be afraid to incorporate some high-end touches into your decor. Consider investing in some high-quality furniture, such as a plush sofa or a statement dining table.

In addition, add some luxury touches with decorative accents such as crystal vases, a chandelier, or a piece of original artwork. These touches will add sophistication and elegance to your decor and help create a luxurious living space.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

A penthouse condo by the beach offers the perfect opportunity to create an outdoor living space that takes advantage of the stunning views and sea breezes. Consider adding a balcony or terrace to your condo and furnishing it with comfortable outdoor furniture.

A dining table, lounge chairs, and even a hot tub can all be incorporated into your outdoor living space. Use weather-resistant fabrics and materials to ensure your furniture can withstand the elements and enjoy your outdoor living space year-round.

Ken Golen Design 

How to decorate a penthouse by the beach is all about creating a luxurious and relaxing living space that takes advantage of the stunning location and natural surroundings. By maximizing the view, incorporating natural elements, creating a coastal color palette, incorporating luxury touches, and creating an outdoor living space, you can create a beautiful and inviting space that will be the envy of all your friends and family. Do you need an interior designer for a penthouse decoration? Call Ken Golen at 954-388-7261

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