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Ideas To Decorate the Space Above Your Bed

folder_openBedroom Interior Design
Ideas To Decorate The Space Above Your Bed

From a bedroom interior design perspective, your “above-bed décor” is crucial as your bed design framing and bedding. Whether you choose to decorate the space above your bed with a sleek, ideas to decorate like a contemporary sculpture or a statement piece painting, the décor you choose will have an impact on how the whole room looks. Leaving the space unattended can make the room look empty and blank. Also, the wrong décor or theme can alter the feel and ambiance of your space.


Sculptures make for great above-bed décor. A form with an intricate design can offer a lot of versatility to the area. Also, décor elements like small statues, photographs, memorabilia that you connect with are an excellent choice.


The space above your bed is an excellent spot to hang up a large collectible painting. However, you may want to ensure that the size and design of the painting are ideal for the room and the above-bed space. An overly large painting might look odd on a small space. The painting you choose should not consume too much space and make the space look crowded.

If your walls already have patterned or printed wallpapers or other busy patterns on them, a mild, minimalistic painting might be the best choice. If your walls are plain, you can be more adventurous with your choice. You should choose colors that do not clash with the colors of the wall or the room.

Gallery Wall

Bedrooms are a very personal space. Bedroom interior design experts assert that your bedroom is the best space in the house for personal, meaningful décor. The vacant space above your bed is a great place to install a gallery wall.

You can pick out your favorite family photographs, travel photographs, or framed quotes and pictures for your wall. You can also create mixed galleries with personal photographs and other non-personal photographs like framed inspiration quotes or framed anecdotes.

Consult Our Design Experts to Optimize Your Interior Spaces

At Ken Golen Design, we help you with ideas to decorate for transforming and creating stylish and sustainable internal spaces. We also pay attention to space utilization. You can explore our range of services by visiting our website or calling our experts at 954-388-7261

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