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Space-Saving Design Ideas for Your Apartment

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Space-saving Design Ideas For Your Apartment

Do you live in a small apartment? If so, you know that space is always at a premium. But just because your apartment is small doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped and cluttered. There are plenty of ways to maximize the space in your home with some Space-Saving Design Ideas.

Here are some space-saving design ideas for your apartment.

1. Use Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture that serves more than a single purpose is an excellent way to save space in your apartment. Consider investing in a futon that can be used as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. Another great option is an ottoman with storage inside. It can be used as a coffee table or extra seating when guests come over.

Another excellent space-saving design tip is to use your walls. Floating shelves are a great way to store items without taking floor space. An interior design consultant can hang pictures, plants, and other decor items on the walls to free up space on your tables and dressers.

2. Choose a Minimalist Design Style

A minimalist design style is perfect for small apartments because it uses simple, clean lines and basic shapes. Plus, a minimalist design is easy to personalize with your unique flair.

To create a minimalist space in your apartment, start by decluttering and eliminating any unnecessary items. Then, choose furniture that has clean lines and simple silhouettes. Finally, an expert in apartment interior design can add a few personal touches to give the space your personality.
For example, you could hang a large piece of abstract art on one wall or use colorful throw pillows to add a pop of color.

3. Install Built-In Storage Solutions

One of the best ideas to save space in your home is to install built-in storage solutions. It could include adding shelves to your walls, installing a Murphy bed, or even using baskets and bins to organize your belongings.

Built-in storage solutions are functional, but they also look great and can help you keep your home looking clutter-free.

For example, built-in shelves are a great way to store books, knick-knacks, and other items that might take up valuable space on your floors or surfaces.

4. Use Light and Bright Colors

When you have a small apartment, you want to use colors to make the space feel bigger. It means using light and bright colors on the walls, furniture, and accessories.

Some great light and bright colors to use in a small space are:

Light blue

You can also use light colors in combination with darker colors. For example, you could paint the walls white and use a dark blue or green for the furniture.

5. Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors are a unique way to make a small space feel bigger. They reflect light, but they also create the illusion of more space. Hang a few mirrors in your apartment, and you’ll instantly feel like the walls have been pushed back.

Call Ken Golen Design

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