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10 Beautiful Outdoor Patio Ideas. Transform Your Backyard Space!

folder_openOutdoor Interior Design
outdoor patio ideas in Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Boca Raton

Beautiful arts, diverse culture, thriving main street, and near Boynton Beach and Boca Raton, Delray Beach is known to be the “most fun small town” in the USA. Palm Beach county is diverse with each of its beaches and national park, and your own backyard has all the sights. However, if your own backyard is a patch of grass with little life to it, it makes it difficult to stay out there and enjoy the sights. How do you make it the best spot in your home? Ken Golen Design offers diverse options with outdoor patio ideas and a collection of different styles.

Outdoor Patio Ideas and Prepped for Any Party

Whether you have dinner parties or even luncheons outside, the lightning is essential. Good lightning and extra seating with neutral tones of earth and wicker will provide the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the company. It is suggested that you should provide music or a sound system, blend it in with the same color as your exterior walls as to avoid extra attention. 

Other ideas may revolve in a romantic setting, and a private area tucked in your backyard would set the mood. Under the shade of a tree or with extravagant flowers within the hedges or near the patio. Match with white or red curtains with beautiful plants climbing the walls. Or change the setting slightly by removing the red and keeping the white to let any colorful floral stand out Materials to help let your wall speak may be a gallery-esque patio, to show off striking colors. From the cool tone of marble or warm tones of brick. Wall planters would add texture, decorated with beautiful succulents.

Designing Your Patio

Other things to consider is where you want to place items such as shrubs, trees, floral, and other features. It’s important to map before you begin to place to avoid roadblocks to your designs. Seek inspiration from immovable items within your patio to create the haven you seek in your backyard. For example, for chilly nights and you want to sit outside to entertain the hours away, have a warm fire pit incorporated in your design. Or perhaps you can have several designs within your space to create a social lounge, dining area, decks, all connected by stepping stone slabs. Other ideas to incorporate:

  • Sun Patio with multi-level garden with plunge pool.
  • Modern patio garden design.
  • English garden design.
  • Enclosed patio design with heavy planting and chandelier lights.
  • Built in seating with concrete to create perimeter and stow furniture for wet months.

Don’t Dream It, Live It

Don’t hesitate to change your backyard space with Ken Golen Designs and outdoor patio ideas. Whether you’re located in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, or anywhere in Palm Beach County, we’re here to help you stop dreaming, and bring it to reality. We help with the styles you’re looking for and incorporate them into your space! We also use unmovable items to help create inspiration. Don’t dream it, live it.

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