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Top Interior Designer Upgrades for Your Master Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your haven and a sanctuary after a long day of work. However, you might feel like the master bedroom is becoming outdated and needs a revamp over time.

Finding the right design elements to add is crucial when you’re looking to upgrade your primary bedroom. While hiring an interior designer is the best way to upgrade your bedroom without a lot of hassle, you should know what you’re looking for before you book an appointment.

Setting a Theme

Finding a theme to plan your bedroom upgrades is crucial when you want every aspect to have a specific uniformity. There are many popular themes for designer bedrooms, and you could choose to incorporate a few elements from several themes to create your own. Popular themes are:

Coastal: Going coastal with your bedroom is never a bad idea when you’re a fan of airy themes. Make your bedroom resemble a vacation home with neutral accents and hints of blue here and there.

Wood Accents: If you’re looking to incorporate natural elements in your room, having wood accents can be ideal. You can also look to include other natural materials like jute and cotton for the ideal combination.
Eclectic and colorful: Having the right mix of eclectic items is essential when you want your bedroom to reflect a part of your personality. You can find vintage furniture and knick-knacks to make your room come together in no time.

Play With Textures

While not many people do this enough, having different textures at play in your master bedroom can make a difference. Whether you choose to incorporate different textures through your wallpaper or by playing with fabrics, there are limitless options at your disposal.

You can consider contacting an interior designer if you don’t know what kind of textures would be best suited for your room. They can help you choose a texture that looks appealing and lasts a long time in your room.

Bespoke Furniture

Nothing will do the trick like bespoke furniture when you’re ready to elevate your master bedroom to the next level. With the ideal customized furniture, you will not only find the room more comfortable for you but cater to your preferences as well.

To find the perfect customized furniture, you might have to do some research to find out what is ideal for you. Having a general idea of what you like can go a long way. Make a Pinterest board of all your furniture inspiration that you can later use.

Feature Wall

If you have ample wall space that can be utilized better, consider turning it into a feature wall. There are various feature wall designs that you can look at, but all of them radiate excellent design and quality. Some ideas that you can look through are:

  • Painted feature wall
  • Wallpaper
  • Mural feature wall
  • Adding accessories like shelving or mirrors
  • Paneled feature wall
  • A ‘living’ feature wall with plants
  • Customized gallery feature wall

You can look through many ideas when you’re interested in creating a feature wall. However, you want to be careful not to overdo it and make it look completely random.

If you need help adding design elements to your master bedroom or want to make the process easier, hiring an interior designer is just what you need. Ken Golen Design is your ideal destination for anything related to interior decorating, renovation, and consulting.

Our experts in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Aventura, Hollywood, and Weston, FL, can help you create the room of your dreams in no time. Contact us to get started with a consultation. Call 954-388-7261

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