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Whether residential or commercial interiors, the Clients needs and desires will be addressed and a plan put in place to achieve those goals, while staying within the budget specified.

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Residential Decorating
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Commercial Decorating
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Kitchen & Bath


Ken Golen Design is a market-leading interior designer for Coral Springs that designs creative and inspirational residential, and retail projects throughout South Florida. Ken is an area recognized decorating expert in luxury and design.

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Ken Golen Design - Luxury Interior Designer Coral Springs Florida

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Interior Designer Coral Springs FL

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  • Interior Designer Coral Springs FL
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Why Choose Us

We Turn Bland Structures into Lively Homes

Something that every home benefits from is a well-planned and executed design. It not only makes the place a heaven on earth for the occupants but significantly boosts its monetary value. Plus, your property stands out in the area from the inside out.

We know this by first-hand experience because, being the top interior designer in Coral Springs, Florida, we’ve worked on hundreds of projects. Every one of them is a work of art – catching eyes from everyone passing by.

Ken Golen is an award-winning interior designer in Coral Springs, Florida. If you want to make your home the epitome of aesthetics and practicality merged into one structure, we can help. And the best part is, you’ll end up saving A LOT when working with us.

Who We Are?

Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or eclectic, our goal is to give you a coherent style of comfort, elegance, and distinction, while using the finest quality materials, and experienced craftsman. Want to know why we’re the best fit for your house interior design in Coral Springs?

  • We’re among the handful of award-winning interior designers in Coral Springs.
  • Our years of experience will serve you well – we’ll make your space elegant and timeless.
  • Our team gives great attention to the smallest details resulting in 100% satisfaction.
  • We’ve received hundreds of reviews on the internet – people love us for our craftsmanship.

We’re ready if you are; give us a call, and our team will be more than happy to work with you and hammer out every detail. Whether your project scope spans across the property or is just limited to a single room, we’ll handle it with the same care that leaves our customers raving about the service.

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Clients Say

The work of a professional can make all the difference. Whether your home has 10 bedrooms, or your apartment is 800 square feet, it can be tricky to create a cohesive look that is representative of your style.

Kitchen Interior Design Coral Springs

The kitchen is probably the most frequently visited part of the home by every family member. From chaotic breakfast gatherings to late-night snack capture missions, the kitchen is a common ground for every family. So why not make it one of the most comfortable, practical, and stylish places in your home?

Plus, a well-planned and designed kitchen can add several Benjamin to your home’s financial value. Being a professional kitchen interior designer in Coral Springs, Florida, we can help you build a stellar looking and conveniently laid out kitchen that’ll flow well with the décor of the entire house.

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Bathroom Interior Design Coral Springs

From wall colors, flooring, and bathtubs to fixtures, sinks, and taps, we can help you design your bathroom according to your comfort and styling preferences.

We’re the top-rated interior designer in Coral Springs, Florida, when it comes to designing individual areas of homes, including bathrooms.

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Living Room & Bedroom Coral Springs

Being a renowned interior designer in Coral Springs, Florida, we have what it takes to turn things around in a snap. From a minimalistic space to luxurious work of art – we can turn your living room into anything you like.

Whether you prefer modern, traditional, or rustic, we can turn things around and make your bedroom just the way you want it. It’ll be a perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

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