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Top Kitchen Interior Design Backsplash Ideas | Ken Golen

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With the upcoming summer, it is time for you to open your doors to your guests as you start reveling in summer soirees. It is also the perfect time to come up with kitchen interior design ideas. Kitchen backsplashes prevent the walls from getting soiled with the steam and grease from cooking, but they need not be utilitarian. By making use of unique kitchen backsplashes with these innovative ideas, you can make your kitchen both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas for your Backsplash

White Stone Backsplash
Colors like white, or even cream or ivory, have a very regal, soothing, and sophisticated look about them. Using white stone backsplashes can also make a small kitchen seem a lot more spacious.
An all-white kitchen also serves as a great background to show off antique shelves or vintage cabinets. Moreover, you can easily clean stones like marble or granite with most regular kitchen detergents.

Subway Tile Backsplashes
Subway tiles can help you create a mosaic of interesting patterns. You can place them from the farthest end of the countertops, and they could go right up to the kitchen ceiling, with the space becoming a canvas to showcase eclectic patterns. This is one of the latest trends in kitchen interior design. It allows you to break the monotony by using a mix of very different tiles but yet come together to make a cohesive theme.

Stainless Steel Backsplashes
If you want your kitchen to have a minimalist look and clean lines, then stainless steel is a great option. Not only does it look very modern, but it is also super easy to clean and maintain, and it can last for years.
You can also have them fitted with sectional glass panels or even laser-cut tiles for some highlights. They can also make the kitchen look larger and is a very contemporary twist to the traditional backsplashes.

Sustainable Backsplash Ideas
If you are keen on sustainable kitchen ideas, you can use backsplashes from recycled bamboo or burnished clay. They also lend a very rustic feel to your kitchen and make for a cozy kitchen interior. Experts say that they also help in keeping the kitchen cooler. They are light, and you can install them with minimum remodeling. It is a great option when looking for something cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Ken Golen Design has brought you several distinctive kitchen interior designs, and the kitchen backsplashes for the summers will no doubt steal the show. With stunning patterns and special arrangements, you can transform your kitchen backsplashes with help from experts from this award-winning brand. Contact us to get ready for a kitchen makeover this summer like never before.

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