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Turning Your Living Room Decor from Ordinary to Extraordinary

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With professional interior design services, you can take the comfort of your home to a new level. This article will offer you advice for turning your living room decor from ordinary to extraordinary with suggestions that will enhance your space depending on your style and needs.

1. Use Velvet and Faux Fur Textures in Your Home

Instead of using the usual cotton, flax, or linen textures that we get so used to seeing around, opt for something more exotic like velvet and faux fur. For instance, you can opt for a plush area rug with a velvety texture and add some pillows that have a super-soft faux fur texture.

2. Add an Indoor Waterfall for Instant Calmness

You can also create a tranquil ambiance using indoor water features such as fountains and waterfall sculptures. These are fantastic décor items that you can place in the corner of your living room space or entrance, where the sound of running water will provide you with a feeling of serenity and peacefulness.

3. Use Art as Décor

One of the best ways to turn your living room into an elegant space is by using art such as paintings, drawings, and photographs. Pick something that speaks to you, be it an abstract or figurative painting, a photograph, or sculpture; everyone should have at least one art piece in their home that they cherish and make their space unique and special.

4. Make Your Living Room More Cozy if it Too Spacious

To make your living room cozier without rearranging the furniture, you can achieve this with small touches of décor.

For instance, you can make a focal wall with a large mirror and lean a few framed photos against it to make the area look a little more compact. You can also add a glass-top coffee table for starters, as this will give the room an even more cozy look.

5. Add Some Luxury in the Details

If you check out luxury hotels, one thing that you’ll notice is that they spend a tremendous amount of effort in making every single detail count, even the smallest things. So, when it comes to your living room décor, don’t just focus on one area, but also make sure to include some minor touches here and there.

That’s it! These are just some of the easy tricks to turn your living room from ordinary to extraordinary. If you’re searching for professional interior design services, don’t look any further than Ken Golen Designs.

Ken Golen Design Offers Affordable Interior Design Services in South Florida

We are committed to helping you accomplish your design goals in a timely and successful manner. Call our team of experienced interior designers for your living room decor at 954-388-7261

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