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How to Design a Dream Room for Your Kid

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If you’re like most parents, you want your child’s bedroom to have a place where they can relax, play, and dream. A well-designed kids’ room can inspire imagination and promote relaxation. But how do you go about designing a dream room for your kid? Hire an interior designer to create a child’s dream room. Here’s what they will do to help:

Create a Blueprint

An interior decorator will take time to talk with you to find out what your child likes and doesn’t like. They will ask about the child’s favorite colors, interests, and plans. This information helps them create a design plan for the dream room during their initial visit. Together, they’ll review sketches of the space to make sure the interior design ideas are what you want.

Create a Concept

An interior designer won’t simply look at your child’s room and create a design from scratch. Instead, they’ll start with an idea or theme that ties into your child’s interests. For example, if your son loves baseball, the designer might create a sports-themed room with a batting cage and baseball scoreboard. If your daughter loves fairies, they might design a whimsical room with murals of forests and gardens.

Select Colors and Furniture

After the concept is finalized, the designer will select colors and furniture that reflect the child’s interests and personality. They’ll explain how furniture placement and interior design can help make the dream room feel more like home to your child. Also, lighting, artwork, and rugs can enhance a space as well as storage options like bookshelves and toy chests.

Create Mood Boards

A mood board is a collection of interior design ideas that reflect your child’s interests and personality. They are typically presented as photos, drawings, or written descriptions.

The interior designer will use these interior design ideas to inspire creative brainstorming sessions with you. The goal is to find interior design ideas that work together to create a room everyone loves. Mood boards can be printed and placed on the walls of your child’s bedroom.

Install everything

Finally, interior designers install interior design ideas such as wall coloring, floor coverings, and lighting fixtures. They may also hang interior design ideas like artwork and provide other small finishing touches to make it easier for you to show off your child’s dream room to their friends and family.

A soothing interior design can also create a sense of calm and relaxation that allows your child to escape from the fast-paced world outside their bedroom door. It becomes a space that reflects your child’s interests and personality like none other.

Let Ken Golen Design Help You Design a Dream Room for Your Child

If you’re looking for assistance creating a dream room for your child, look no further than Ken Golen Design. We specialize in interior design and can help you create a unique and special space that reflects your child’s personality. Contact us today to get started at 954-388-7261

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