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Enhance Your Small Home Spaces With More Lighting

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small home spaces

No matter how well you have designed your home interiors, it would not have the desired impact if the space looks flat or fails to create profound effects. Even without an expensive makeover, you can brighten up small home spaces apartment by installing aesthetic lighting.

Whether you want to change the look of an entire room or add a bold illumination to your living spaces, proper lighting can offer the best results. It improves the architectural beauty of your home and enhances its color scheme. Create a dreamy ambiance and open up your interiors by updating to classy fixtures and natural lighting options. Here is how you can use them to reinvent your space.

Use of Natural Light

When redesigning your home, you can try and make the windows larger. You could have your windows facing the east, but they might not allow much sunlight to enter because the blinds are attached or just because they are too small. You could redesign and convert them into floor-to-ceiling windows.

Remove any opaque coverings that your windows might have, and have them fitted with glass panes, opting for heavier curtains instead. It will allow enough natural light to filter in and yet offer complete privacy when you want.

Rustic Lamp Shades

As the sun goes down, your lights come up. But artificial lighting need not be harsh. Using lampshades made from natural materials like clay, rattan, and wood is an excellent way to soften the intensity of artificial lights and transform your interiors.

The grains of wood or clay have a way of diffusing the light, making the lighter softer, lending it a more soothing effect. You can have handcrafted lampshades in the corners of your study, living room, or on a table gracing your bedroom by the bedside. It would have a stunning effect on how you light up your spaces.

Tiered Ceiling Lamps

One way to add drama to your small home spaces and light them up simultaneously is to use tiered ceiling lamps. These lamps hang from the ceiling, much like chandeliers, but they have a layered effect that adds to their uniqueness.

Contemporary designers play around with tiered styles and use unconventional materials like stainless steel, bronze, and alloys to design them. They are primarily asymmetrical, which makes them rather eclectic and yet aesthetic at the same time. If you favor contemporary designs with sleek lines, these lamps will blend perfectly with the décor.

Get New Age and Contemporary Interior Designs From Ken Golen Designs

Ken Golen Designs, an award-winning company based in South Florida, can help you with all your apartment interior design and lighting needs for a modern and aesthetic interior. Call 954-388-7261 today for a quick consultation about what you have in mind, and leave the rest to our experts to transform your home in unprecedented ways.



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