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Incredible Ideas to Decorate Your Penthouse

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decorate your penthouse

Living in a penthouse is fabulous. With beautiful views and ample space, you want to ensure that the interiors look as impressive as the exterior. Depending on your style and preferences, here is a compilation of trending ideas that you can adopt to decorate your penthouse when it’s time to decorate:

If your penthouse has high ceilings, you can further add luxurious elements like false ceilings and pendant lights. If you’re looking to understand how you can make your penthouse more opulent, hiring an interior decorator is recommended. An expert can help you save money and guide you to achieve your envisioned idea.

Also, when you’re living in a penthouse, you might want to make the most of the space with decoration pieces that include chandeliers, metallic accents like gold, rose gold, or stainless steel, automation features and
marble furniture.

Consider Using Themes

If you’re looking to do more with your penthouse and make it a marvel for everyone to see, using themes throughout your property can be ideal. Having a theme for each room or your home overall can ensure cohesiveness while adding an interesting element. There are many popular themes when it comes to penthouses, and some of them are:

Mediterranean: Envision neutral colors with a splash of blue for your penthouse. This theme will make your penthouse look like the perfect vacation home, with airy and light accents littered throughout your home.

Hollywood Glam: When you’re looking to go old-school, taking a note of Hollywood Regency interior style can be ideal. You can adorn your home with eclectic pieces that make a statement.

Mid-century Modern: Simple, functional pieces made from high-quality materials, this theme is all about combining futuristic elements with modern functionality.

Have a Color Palette

When you don’t want your penthouse to look dull, you must ensure that you’re playing with colors. However, this doesn’t mean you have yellow in one room and orange in the next. You have to adhere to a color palette that ensures a pattern in your home.

You could also think about introducing statement or feature walls in specific rooms in the color palette while keeping things interesting. Playing with textures for statement walls is ideal for a large area to cover.

Statement Furniture

Making a bang when decorate your penthouse doesn’t have to be challenging when you’ve got the right statement furniture to accessorize with. Whether you have a pre-existing vintage piece or are looking for modern art deco furniture, there are many pieces that you can place in your penthouse.

However, when you’re thinking of placing statement furniture, you have to ensure that you’re not overdoing it. Having a lot of statement furniture in one room can make your penthouse look gaudy instead of elegant.

When you are looking to get started on decorating your penthouse, having an expert guide you can make the process easier. The process will be shorter and cost-efficient since you won’t be buying random knick-knacks that won’t find a home in your penthouse. Ken Golen Design is your ideal destination when you’re looking for expert designers who can cater to your requirements. We currently serve the following areas:

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Boca Raton, FL
Aventura, FL
Hollywood, FL
Weston, FL

Contact us today to find out how we can decorate your penthouse at 954-388-7261

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