About Ken Golen

Interior Designer

Weston and South Florida

Collaborating with renowned brands and businesses that represent the best in their field, and with private clients that share his obsession with detail, innovation, and functionality, he can transform any space into a unique and breath-taking area which will quickly become your favorite location in your home or business.

Ken Golen is not your average interior designer. Renowned throughout Weston and South Florida for his eclectic tastes, Ken embraces a bold yet relaxed style, showcased in emblematic interiors, timely design and innovative aesthetic. His historical twist on the modern elements of style serve to reinvent and refine traditional design, offering a unique and stunning approach to contemporary living.

Ken believes in balance and strives to create harmony between minimalism and excess. His vision is created through showcasing refinement and openness within the oftentimes rigid architectural features of a room. With a high value on comfort in the smooth, refined stylistic attributes of Ken’s designs, your lifestyle of peace and well-being will be well on its way.

Never one to err into the mundane, Ken’s designs are emboldened by iconic and dramatic features enhanced by the use of striking textures and conspicuous materials softened by muted tones, subtle palettes and lighting that enhances the design elements. Ken finely walks the line between traditional and modern, drawing inspiration from a range of time periods in a natural and extraordinary way.

“Whether a project leans modern or traditional, I strive for a classic spirit that’s understated and elegant.”

Ken fulfills each client’s unique project ranging from interior design and interior architectural services to custom furniture design and art consultation.

Projects are applauded for their unexpected and creative combination of finishes, textiles and custom resources with the integration of antique and vintage elements.