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Elevating Your Living and Dining Decoration for Hosting

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Hosting in your South Florida house can be a dream; you’re with friends and family you love in a climate that’s always favorable for hosting. However, it can be quite a bummer when you don’t have the living and Dining Decoration and adequate environment to host a lot of people.

When you’re looking to revamp your space to host more people, there are several ways you can go about it. Contacting local interior designers is a great idea when you want to execute renovations without any mistakes. Here is how you can elevate your living and dining area:

Enhancing Your Living Room

When you want to make your living room more accommodating to people, adding more furniture can be a great way to start. However, more furniture means less open space and can make your living area seem cramped. Your house interior design will need to be considered very carefully before you start expanding your living room.

You can introduce an open concept if your living room is connected to your backyard or patio. This way, guests can move outdoors without being cut off from the living area.

Revamping Your Dining Room

Ensuring that your dining room can hold your guests is crucial when planning an event. However, when you have limited seating options, it can be difficult to arrange other options immediately. Interior designers will generally customize extendable dining tables that can hold more people when needed for these situations.

Extendable dining tables are also ideal as they don’t take up a lot of space when not being used but can be extended when needed. Other options you can look at include shelves in the dining room that can serve as serving tables, floor cushions, and multi-use furniture.

Opening Up Your Space

Making your dining and living area better for your guests doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fill it up with furniture. The more furniture you try adding in an enclosed space, the smaller it will look. Finding transformable or space-saving furniture is ideal for situations like these.

A normal stool that can be extended to become a bench or a table that pulls out to become a dining area is a common example. You can find many other options depending on where you live in South Florida and which interior design service you are working with.

Getting Ready for Your Guests

Once you’ve figured out how to accommodate all your guests at your events, the only thing left is to decorate your space. Finding space-saving décor like paintings, wall hangings, and carpets is ideal when you don’t want to crowd the space more than necessary.

Your interior designer may also come up with suggestions to upcycle existing items in your home, which can end up saving a lot of money. Ask them for their recommendations about décor and how to make the most of your existing furniture.

Looking for Expert in living and Dining Decoration? We Can Help

Ensuring that your South Florida home is ready for guests at any time of the year is essential when you like to socialize. At Ken Golen Designs, we aim to make your home a place that brings you happiness. Our award-winning interior designs prove that we are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements without sacrificing quality. Call us today at 954-388-7261 to book an appointment.

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